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Looking for Metal Roofing in Tampa, or the surrounding Tampa Bay Area.  You have found a great company with Metal Roofing experience serving the Tampa area.  Not sure if Metal Roofing is a good solution for your Tampa Home? 

Metal Roofing is actually a growing segment in the roofing industry. There’s a lot of reasons for that. One of the reasons it’s gaining popularity is because Metal Roofing is long-lasting. Metal Roofing is also energy efficient as well as safer than a lot of other types of roofing solutions. With that said, this can lead to possible insurance savings. Another great thing about Metal Roofing is that it looks really nice and can help add value to a home. Metal Roofing wasn’t always aesthetically appealing  but modern day metal roofing products are made to  replicate such roofing like  styles like Spanish tile and slate. There are also architectural designs that can include standing steam seam and stone coated Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing has a higher upfront cost and Investments are higher. However, metal roofing will save you money over the long haul. A great thing about Metal Roofing is that it does not absorb heat, it actually reflects it so that makes it extremely energy efficient and will lower your electric bill.  Metal Roofing can also help with wind resistance and does not crack, peal break or rot. It’s also fire resistant and it actually breathes really well on your roof.
Metal Roofing in Tampa is also very light will not leak and it should last a very long time.  There was for a long time  a false belief that Metal Roofing is only good for commercial roofing applications. However, it has grown in popularity as a residential roofing solution. Like we mentioned before, Metal Roofing has a very aesthetic appeal because of the many forms that it can be produced to look like, such as aforementioned  Spanish tile as well as other roofing materials. Metal Roofing is considered to be one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing systems available and now that we have great looking modern products, it is a great solution for a residential homeowner who is looking to save money over the long haul with a quality investment.

 2 Types of Metal Roof Systems Tampa:

Architectural Metal – These metal Roof Systems are for providing a waterproofing layer to the structure roof system.  It also provides a nicely aesthetic appearance to the structures overall look

Structural Metal – These metal roof systems provide both the roofing deck and the waterproofing element for the structure.  Such applications are popular for say a barn where the underneath side of the metal may be seen form inside the building.   Some commercial structures use this type of a metal roof as their roof solution.

Metal Roofs are a popular solutions in Tampa as stated about because they last usually twice as long as conventional shingles and are made of aluminum, steel, and copper which gives various options for the consumer.  Metal Roofs in Tampa also require far less maintenance which again saves you money.  They can sustain winds above 120-140 miles per hour based on the type and installation.   Metal Roofs are fire resistant and can usually handle heavier water loads.   Metal Roofs come in various colors, finishes and materials that can meet any architectural application.  

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