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Homeowners have shingle roofs, tile roofs or metals roofs generally speaking. Most of them have a flat roof connected at some point like over a patio or room addition, or a sun-room. Those flat roofs can have serious problems not properly maintained. Unlike pitched roofs where water and debris usually run off, unless another strange problem exists, flat roofs require a lot more maintenance or they will have serious repercussions.

Homeowners and business owners alike are under false pretenses that these particular roof systems are care and maintenance free. This is usually because of thin manufacturing promises or some sales gimmick. Nothing in our hot humid beloved Tampa Bay Area is maintenance-free.

Algae and other bacteria grows on everything. When it develops on a roof it causes an aging process that is accelerated. This will deteriorate the roofing material and cause other serious problems.

Elastomeric roof coatings are a proven solution for this effect. It also works to keep the temperature surfaces down and helps reduce the effects of expansion and contracting. Roof Coatings in Tampa by Mitchell Roof Systems are an investment into your roofs life cycle and could also make your home more energy efficient.


Give us a call to see if this coating process is a good solution for you an if your roof is a qualified candidate. You won’t know until you call. We will come inspect to see the integrity of your current roof, and if it is strong enough to support this system. Call us today!

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